I like my new job?

like my new job

like my new job

Oh hello. I’m still here. Question. How would you like to be trained for a new job by someone who’s just been laid off and told that you are replacing them…and for more pay? Anyone?

That’s what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks.

There have been many things happening in the bare budget guy household, and for the past few weeks, blogging has not been one of them. For starters, I got a new job. It came out of nowhere. I’ll just start from the beginning. [Read more…]

Get Out of Your Way


Today's post comes from Chris at Eat the Financial Elephant. Mark and I first started sharing e-mails about exchanging guest posts after I linked his post about tithing 10% of their family’s income.  I used his post to help refute some of the  [Read more...]

In defense of budgets

in defense of budgets

There has been a trend of late to distance oneself from the usage of the traditional budget. It usually starts like this: “You may find this hard to believe, but I don’t budget…”  And then they go on to say why it is that they omit one of the most  [Read more...]